Welcome to Google-Glassware.com where as Glass Explorers we will have first hand access to an advanced Glass GDK and opportunities that the Google Glass platform offers to Explorers in the Google Glass Project. As official Google Glass Explorers we will guide you through the information we uncover and help you find out about developing Glassware. Subscribe to our Glassware developers forum here.

NEWS:  Google just published a new Glass FAQ.  Catch up on global Glass headlines at our newsfeeds. We also added a new Google Glass Specifications page to the site with detailed technical specs for Glass with datasheets.

We’re Officially Google Glass Explorers!

We have been chosen to advance the development of Google Glass by being invited to the Google Glass Explorer Program. Google Glass is the most innovative new technology emerging this decade. The vast opportunities to provide Glassware are immense as the market is completely new. The interface boasts a fairly rigid architecture but it is flexible enough and offers many resources that together offer many possibilities when it comes to Google Glassware development. Find out about funding and investment opportunities here.

About the Google Glass Explorer Project

The Google Glass Explorer Program is a development program whereby Google held the #ifihadglass competition whose aim was to contribute the best ideas for Google Glass development. With over 500,000 entries, only 8,000 were selected. Many of these are simply going to use the glass as-is in different situations and environments to demonstrate the potential of this ground-breaking technology. The remainder are actual developers (Glass Explorer developers like us) who will be pursuing the development of applications designed specifically to take advantage of the technologies Google Glass contains.



Useful Links for Glass Enthusiasts: If you are interested in developing Read the Developer Preview FIRST!

If you want the general specificatioins and links to the datasheets of the inbuilt devices, see below

Glass Specifications

Glass SDK / Glass Developer Kit GDK / Mirror API

Official Glass FAQ

Developer Preview (read this carefully as you MUST be a Google Glass Explorer to develop Glassware

Developer Guidelines

Glass GitHub Downloads

Glass Terms of Service

Exploring Glass by Google

Google officially released a bundle of information about the Glass platform on April 15th, including the terms and conditions, specification and a range of fairly complete information. Also available are the Glass playgrounds where glassware can be developed and tested. Anyone interested in talking to us about developing an app for Glass with us can contact us here.

Note: Glass Explorers are the only developers able to submit apps so if you want to develop Glassware, you either need to be one, or be involved with one. We are fortunate enough to have been invited so if you want to join a growing team of Glassware developers, you need to talk to us soon! There is a Glassware forum just opened here so you can subscribe and discuss Glassware if you are interested. Its very early days and we will be updating frequently. Here are the Google Glass Terms of Sale to help you understand Google’s intentions.

News about Google Glass

Summary of the Google Glassware Application Programming Interface environment/API

Google Glassware development is based around the Mirror API and created using the shortly to be released Glass Developer Kit GDK. The  interface is fairly simple and can access numerous other API's which have not as yet been utilized anywhere near their potential.  The whole thing runs using RESTful commands through API's in the Mirror Interface. At the Google IO conference they revealed that the GDK would have much better access to the hardware than the current sandbox allows. In addition, they are not keen to release an emulator; Google says that to develop properly for Glass, you need access to a pair. We are lucky enough to be getting some shortly as part of the #ifihadglass program you can join us at GLASSheadz to follow our and others' progress as Explorers. Find out more about the Google Mirror API, Glassware and the Glass Developer Kit GDK.

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If you would like more information about our intentions as a Google Glassware developers, we welcome your comments and ideas. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you feel you have some input. We welcome guest bloggers to contribute to our Google Glassware blog.

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